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Baby Sitter December 16, 2006

Posted by workwest in Baby Sitter.
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Тук може да откриете полезна информация за детегледачки  в различни държави по света.

You can get very detailed information about Baby Sitter around the world:





Work in Denmark

For further information contact us :admin@workwest.eu or check very carefully up-written sites !



1. workwest - December 20, 2006

Who can become an Au Pair in Demark?

People who want to work in Denmark as an Au Pair have to meet the following conditions:
· he/she must not be married
· he/she must not have minor children to care for
· he/she must not be accompnied by his/her own family
Travel costs: If the Au Pair has his/her permanent residence in a country outside of Europe, the host family shall pay for his/her return ticket
Language course: The au pair shall be given enough spare time that allows him or her to follow a language course.
Room and Board: The Au Pair receives free room and board. He/she has to be provided with free meals and an adequate room on her own in the house of the host family.
Days off: the Au Pair has one day off per week. Also, the au pair must be given the opportunity to parcicipate in religious worship.
Holidays: We are sorry but unfortunately we don’t have any information on holidays yet. Please address your questions regarding holiday regulations to Feriekontoret, Finsensvej 78, 2000 Frederiksberg C; tlf.: +45 38 14 84 84 (telephone consultation: Mon. – Thu 12 – 15, Fri. 12 – 14).

2. workwest - December 20, 2006

Au Pair/Baby sitter in Denmark,reqirements:

Age: between 17 and 29
Working hours: 18 – 30 hours a week, not more than 3-5 hours per day.
Duration of stay: An au pair is granted a residence permit for one year, but not for longer than the length of the au pair contract. A six-month extension can be granted. In exceptional cases, the residence permit can be extended to allow the au pair to stay for a maximum of two years.
Pocket Money: at least DKK 2500 per month (brutto)
Language requirements: The Au Pair must be able to speak and understand a reasonable level of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German

3. Daniel - October 22, 2007

visit this site for more information

4. cherrie - October 12, 2008

hi im cherrie mae 21yrsm old and i have experience in baby sitter.i am willing to work as a baby sitter in your country.

5. claret ann estoesta - January 23, 2009

good day im claret ann from the Philippines iam a graduate of caregiver and im willing to help you as your baby sitter…i hae my experience already……..

6. confidence - December 19, 2012

i am so interested
i need this job serious

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